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Killoury's Hamper

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Introducing the Ultimate Beer Enthusiast's Delight: Garavan's Exclusive Beer Set

Elevate your beer experience with our exclusive Garavan's Bar Beer Set, a true testament to craftsmanship and flavour. This set is a must-have for any beer enthusiast or collector.

Limited Edition Collaboration with Galway Hooker Brewery 

Indulge in the result of a unique partnership between Garavan's Bar and Galway Hooker Brewery. Our new and exclusive beer is the product of passion and expertise, making it a true collector's item. 

Whiskey-Infused Perfection 

What sets our exclusive beer apart is its journey through a whiskey cask previously used in a collaboration with Power's Whiskey. The infusion of whiskey notes adds a layer of complexity and depth, creating a truly exceptional drinking experience. (9% ABV)

Only 400 Bottles Produced 

This beer is a rare find, with only 400 bottles ever produced. Don't miss the opportunity to savour this exclusive brew that's bound to impress even the most discerning palates.

Killoury's Pint Glass Included 

Enjoy your exclusive Garavan's beer to the fullest with the Killoury's pint glass included in this set. Expertly designed for optimal beer appreciation, this glass enhances the aroma and flavour of your brew.

Garavan's Bottle Opener 

Open your limited edition Garavan's beer bottles effortlessly with the included Garavan's bottle opener. Not only is it a practical tool, but it's also a collector's item that complements your beer set perfectly.

Elevate your beer collection and taste the exceptional with Garavan's Exclusive Beer Set. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or seeking a unique gift, this limited-edition set promises an unforgettable experience.

Killoury's T-Shirt

Crafted with the same dedication that goes into our very own Killoury's beer, this limited-edition tee proudly displays the distinctive Killoury's logo seamlessly intertwined with the iconic Garavan's brand. Embrace the spirit of Galway's beloved bar in style and comfort, as you don this unique piece that pays homage to the perfect blend of brews and heritage. A symbol of exclusivity, these shirts are a nod to the exceptional fusion of Garavan's and Killoury's, available only to those who appreciate the finer things in life. Grab yours now and wear the spirit of Galway with pride. Cheers to tradition, taste, and the ultimate Garavan's experience

Included in hamper:

- Killoury's Irish Lager Bottles X2 (9% ABV)

- Killoury's Stemmed Pint Glass

- Garavan's Bottle Opener

- Killoury's T-Shirt - Regular Fit

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Killoury's Hamper
Killoury's Hamper Sale price€60,00